Canmore Family Eyecare

Canmore Family Eyecare evolved from Dr. Phillips’ wish to exceed your expectations in quality and service. Her aim is to create a unique environment and experience for sampling both designer, sports, and a more unique collection of glasses and sunglass frames (for those of you who want to stand out from the crowd). Dr. Phillips’ wish is for you to have the Eyecare Experience, and not just be a number in a line of eye tests.

As you enter the office, be enticed by the smell of freshly baked cookies, courtesy of Cecilia,  to make your time with us even more comfortable. Music is playing in the background as you enter the frame show-room. If you have an eye appointment with us feel free to browse our frame gallery whilst you wait, or relax with an enticing cooking/food magazine in the waiting area.

dr. jo

Dr. Joanna “Jo” Phillips

Dr. Joanna “Jo” Phillips received her Bachelor of Optometry with Honours from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2001. Her undergraduate work there included a 5-week practicum in India, at Sankara Nethralaya eye hospital. This encouraged Dr. Jo’s interest in ocular disease, trauma and the related treatment of this.

After graduation, Dr. Jo first practiced in a rural setting in New South Wales. It was there that she found her passion for children’s vision care, working in a large behavioural optometry practice.

Dr. Jo has extensive experience in primary care optometry and aims to deliver quality eyecare and to give you the best vision possible . She prides herself on her personalized service and patient education, and does this in a family-friendly manner. She has been practicing in the Bow Valley since January 2007. She has a personal interest in nutrition for eye health, workplace visual assessment and computer vision, pre- and post-refractive laser correction, and contact lens fitting. She believes that it is necessary to have the highest levels of technology available, in order to best treat and care for her patients’ eyes.

Dr. Jo has a strong commitment to community service including educating students about eye-care and eye health through several of the Bow Valley’s schools, and has recently joined the Bow Valley Early Childhood Development Coalition.

She has also participated in programs for education of new mothers regarding eyecare. She is an active member of Canmore’s Rotary Club, and thoroughly enjoys her time spent volunteering at many community events. She has also travelled internationally to Nepal to provide eye-care services in remote villages.

In her free time, Dr. Jo enjoys the mountains with her husband Tristan, her 2 sons, and their Samoyed “Kuma”.

Dr. Jo is a member of the Alberta Association of Optometrists and the Optometrists Association of Australia.


Dr. Jared Gervais

Dr. Jared Gervais

Dr. Jared Gervais graduated with distinction from Pacific University in 2006 with his Doctor of Optometry degree. He completed an externship in Anchorage, Alaska at a family eyecare practice and then co-managed refractive laser surgery and cataract surgery patients in Portland, Oregon. This was followed by an externship at a Veteran Affairs Hospital in southern Oregon, which specialized in ocular disease and glaucoma management and treatment. During his studies, Dr. Gervais completed his thesis with Nike researching the optical quality of sunglasses and how this relates to visual performance.

Shortly after completing his optometry degree Dr. Gervais began practicing in the Bow Valley and splits his time between clinics in Canmore and Calgary.

He has a special interest in glaucoma and macular degeneration and works closely with specialists in Calgary and Canmore to ensure his patients receive the best possible treatment options. With a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Physiology, Dr. Gervais is also interested in how overall health and diet relate to healthy eyes and good vision.

When he is not in the clinic, Dr. Gervais enjoys spending time with his family cycling and skiing. He is an avid mountain bike racer and enjoys participating in many of the local events. He also supports trail building efforts in the Bow Valley, likes repairing and restoring bikes, and is the president of a local cycling club.


Our Commitment to the Environment

It is very important to all of us at CFE, to preserve this beautiful planet we live on.

We are taking a number of initiatives to be a greener office:

All patient files are computerized, thus reducing paper waste.  This has been the case since the day we opened in 2012.  Even your patient information sheet that you fill out at your first visit, is laminated and re-used to save paper.  Any paper that we do need to use for reports, or faxes, is 100% recycled paper courtesy of our friends at Bow Valley Basics.

We are part of the Bike Friendly campaign in Canmore.  This means that if you ride your bike to your Wellness Eye Examination, you will receive a coupon for a complimentary coffee at RAVE Coffee next door.  ( Which is delicious, by the way!)

We also have a bike lock for your use whilst in our Clinic at your appointment, or whilst browsing our Frame Showroom.

We carry brand new frames from ProDesign in Denmark, that are good for the environment!  They are cotton-based product, as opposed to petroleum based products.  (Don’t be alarmed, they will still have a good, long, life on your face, and are a great-quality product!)

We recycle everything possible, from paper to drink containers.

Our glasses cleaner is eco-friendly, less toxic and kinder to the environment than your standard glasses spray.  It does a great job cleaning lenses too.  We also offer refills on this product, to eliminate plastic waste with the bottles themselves.



Our own staff bike or walk or bus to work wherever possible, to reduce gas and energy.  Our staff cruiser bike can be seen around Canmore or Banff during the Summer, as we run errands.

We use refillable water bottles, and reusable coffee cups.  We even provide our own plates when getting take out from Canadian Pizza Unlimited next door, and coffees from RAVE.