UV Damage and Your Eyes

It’s 2016, and most of us know the importance of putting on sunscreen on a hot summer day. Many of us are even aware that UV (ultra violet) light can harm our eyes, and the importance of wearing sunglasses. But

Could and iPod Touch help decrease your Amblyopia?!

There is a promising clinical trial underway that looks at using a special version of Tetris to promote binocular vision in people with strabismic or anisometropic amblyopia. Definitions: Amblyopia is the loss of ability to see clearly through one or

How to Buy Glasses for your Child

If you’re a parent in search of the right pair of eyeglasses for your child, you probably know that walking into an optometrist can be confusing. There is no shortage of children’s eyeglass frames. The problem is: how do you

Dr. Jo advises new Banff moms on Eyecare for their Babies

In February 2015 Dr. Jo visited with 7 moms in Banff, as part of the “I Grow You Grow” program, through Canmore’s Parent Link.   The program is an 8-week post-partum course that new mothers can sign up for, in order to

Getting used to your Progressive Lenses

Congratulations on your first pair of enhanced vision eyewear with Progressive Lenses! The lenses in your new eyewear are made with the latest digital technology and will provide you with the best visual experience at all distances. As with any


Nikon Lenses is offering a fantastic promotion until April 30th, 2015. When you purchase a set of Nikon lenses, you receive a second set for less than half of the original retail price! What a great way to save money